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TrueTennisVR lets you play tennis anytime, anywhere. With a Meta Quest 2, our TrueRacket, and the TrueTennisVR software, you're able to work out, build skills, compete on leaderboards, and work with your coach, any time, anywhere.

Improvement, Exercise, and Fun

TrueTennisVR is an immersive tennis simulator you can use anywhere indoors to improve your game, get exercise, and have fun. With the extraordinary Meta Quest 2, our TrueRacket, and at least a 6'x8' open space, TrueTennisVR can transport you onto a tennis court to start hitting.


You'll have access to drills and coaching to improve your game and get a great workout. TrueTennisVR provides details and data not available anywhere else to gain insight into your game and how you’re improving. We tailor a custom training program to your unique game, track your progress, and suggest ways to improve.


The TrueRacket™ and beta release of the software are available now. Beginning in mid-2023 the full TrueTennisVR subscription software will be released, providing the full experience and features for a $10/month subscription.

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Our Story

We’re a group of engineers, physicists, builders, entrepreneurs, and above all tennis fanatics who saw the possibility of playing true tennis in our homes and a path to make that a reality. After countless prototypes, physics research, and optimization we're proud to share what we've created with everyone who also loves and lives the game of tennis. We hope you enjoy using TrueTennisVR as much as we do.

Male Tennis Player

State of the Art Technology

TrueTennisVR pushes the amazing Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset to its limits. With our state-of-the-art tennis physics simulation built by our team of PhDs we provide a dramatically realistic and accurate tennis experience. The TrueRacket™ was painstakingly designed to have the appropriate weight, weight distribution, and overall feel. The optimized physics engine, finely tuned tracking of the racket through physical space, and feel of the custom made racket together earn TrueTennisVR its name.


Mark Woodforde

International Tennis Hall of Famer & 17-time Grand Slam Winner

"If I had TrueTennisVR when I was competing I would have won another 17 Grand Slams"

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