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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TrueTennisVR available now?

Yes! TrueTennisVR is available NOW in a Beta release version at no charge. You can also buy the TrueRacket now -- here at this website.

Is TrueTennisVR usable in my space?

TrueTennisVR is based upon the Meta Quest 2 platform, so it is playable anywhere indoors that has a safe and large enough space and away from bright, direct sunlight.

Meta recommends the Quest 2 for users 13 and up.

Do I need the racket in order to play?

At present, the Beta software download is FREE.  The TrueRacket costs $50.

How much does the TrueRacket weigh?

Will I feel the hit of the ball?

What can I do about unstable performance of play?

What if I registered at but didn't receive an OTP code to log in to the Quest 2 app?

Check your email SPAM for the OTP and make sure you enter the number correctly.

What do I do if I'm swinging and missing balls after re-entering the TrueTennisVR app?

When you pick up the headset after a time, it’s best to quit and then restart. Just press the flat “O” button on the RIGHT controller. (If you’re using the TrueRacket, the right controller is the one in the racket.) Select “Quit” and then restart the app.

How much does TrueTennisVR cost?

How old do you have to be to use TrueTennisVR?

You do not need the TrueRacket to play TrueTennisVR and you can try out the software at no cost.  However, we strongly recommend using the TrueRacket to experience the full feel, realism and exercise.

The racket is about 13oz with the Quest 2 controller attached, which is within the typical weight range of tennis rackets. It was carefully engineered for a familiar and convincing swing weight and experience

We've worked hard to bring the satisfying sensation of contact, in addition to spatialized sound, to provide the most realistic tennis experience possible. The haptic system in TrueTennisVR provides an immersive and realistic experience, though at this time we are not able to recreate the full resistance of tennis shots, especially for very hard hit balls. Continually refining the haptic system remains an active area of work for further engineering development.

First, make sure your headset hasn’t been running for too long or is getting hot.  If so, power it down and wait 5 minutes.  You should also try quitting the TrueTennisVR app and re-opening.  Lighting in the playspace can matter a lot.  Make sure there’s enough light, that there aren’t mirrors around, and that you’re away from windows and direct sunlight.  Finally, make sure the headset is properly fit for you.  See this LINK.

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